hudson :: newborn

Dear Hudson, you are the cutest little freshie newborn….

With your little inherited scowl, that perfect tiny chin and your sweet little milk smiles.

It was a good two days of newborn sessions, with Hudson on day two. Both sessions were similar, with a doting sibling just excited for photos (LOVE IT!). Miss R was READY! She was telling everyone about ‘the lady’ (PS. I feel fancy being called a lady!) who was coming to do photos of her little brother.

She showed me her room, and made sure to have a little photo shoot of her own in her very pink room! Throughout the shoot she was here and there, changed outfits, colored a bit, played a bit, and was the typical 3 year old…busy! But regardless of her busy agenda, she made time to scoot in a few photos and honestly, she stole the show from her brother a few times…which is hard to do when there is a brand new baby in the room! Check out those adorable family shots with R!

Hudson was so good for us, with a few typical moments required as we all are aware of the three priorities of a newborn. Eat. Sleep. Poop. He covered about 2.5 of those in our short hour together, but regardless so many great images were captured!

Thank you Hudson and fam, for welcoming ‘the lady’ into your house to create sweet memories…I especially loved seeing all of your memories printed and on your walls!

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