So what IS lifestyle photography?  Well it has been described by many as a documentary style shooting, “a day in the life….” kind of shoot.

Boys Laughter Outside Session Wainwright Canada Photographer

Lifestyle photography is a fun way to capture those day-to-day moments or even go on a family adventure and have it documented in a beautiful way.  While it is mostly ‘in-the-moment’ shots, I do ensure to get a classic, posed family photo or two, and the regular posed shots that grandma and grandpa will appreciate a lot more than the ‘lifestyle’ shots.  Lifestyle sessions can be for families, newborns, maternity or even grads, we will take into account your personality and fav things to do, and create something beautiful together!

Horses Baby Bump Alberta Wainwright

Since we live in Canada, and winter settles in for a good 6 months of the year, lifestyle photography can be a perfect way to stay out of the cold and still get those gorgeous, fun photos in the comfort of your own home!

Alberta Newborn Photographer At Home

Now there are a few things to know about lifestyle……if we are shooting in your home I tend to be very aware of what will be in your shots, so to ensure they are the best they can be, we may move around anything that can distract from an image.  If we are planning an outdoor adventure, it is your responsibility to make sure you have everything you will need.  For example, if we are going fishing, you need to make sure that you have the rods, boat (if needed), tack, bait, etc.  I do provide a ton of help when it comes to planning and coming up with fun ideas and adventures though!

Lifestyle photography is a beautiful way to remember your family and their true selves, not the posed/smile for the camera faces that everyone tends to have for ‘family photos’.  Think of it this way….do you want a photo of your kids sitting in a row, in front of a fake backdrop, smiling a cheesy smile?  Or would you rather have photos of them being themselves, goofy, shy….just plain natural, and having legitimate FUN!  I think I know your answer!

Wainwright Alberta Photography Family Crazy Fun Kids